A mixture of the three isomeric cresols obtained from coal-tar, freed from phenol, hydrocarbons and water.

Cresol occurs as a straw-colored, refractive liquid, having a phenol-like odor and turning yellowish-brown on exposure to the air. It is soluble in water (1 : 60) and miscible in all proportions with alcohol, petroleum benzin, ether and glycerol; it is miscible with soap solutions and with solutions of alkali hydroxids, yielding an economical form of disinfectant.

Action and Uses: Cresol is an active poison resembling phenol in its effects. Its germicidal power is approximately four times as great as that of phenol.

Dosage: 0.05 c.c. or 1 minim. As a disinfectant it may be used in solutions varying in strength from to 1 per cent. It is usually employed in the form of: