Fluidextracts are liquid preparations of uniform and definite strength made so that each cubic centimeter represents the soluble ingredients of 1 gm. of the crude drug.

For preparations included in this list see:

Fluidextractum   Ergotae, under Ergota.

Fluidextractum  Glycyrrhizae. under Glycyrrhiza.

Fluidextractum  Hydrastis, under Hydrastis.

Fluidextractum   Ipecacuanhae, under Ipecacuanha. Fluidextractum Rhamni Purshianae, under Rhamnus Purshiana.

Fluidextractum Rhamni Purshianae Aromaticum, under Rhamnus Purshiana.

Fluidextractum Sennae, under Senna.

Fluidextractum Viburni Prunifolii, under Viburnum Prunifolium