The dried rhizome and roots of Gentiana lutea.

Action and Uses: Gentian is one of a large class of substances with a bitter taste which have the power of stimulating the appetite and may possibly stimulate the secretion of the gastric juice. Experiments show that this effect is not due to an appreciable extent to a direct action on the mucous membrane of the stomach, but arises reflexly from the action of the medicine on the nerves in the mouth, chiefly those of taste.

Gentian and other bitters in moderate doses given a short time (five to fifteen minutes) before meals are useful in the treatment of loss of appetite, deficiency of the gastric secretions, chronic or subacute catarrhal gastritis, etc.

Tinctura Gentianae Composita.—Compound Tincture Of Gentian, U. S. P.

A hydro-alcoholic tincture representing 10 per cent, of gentian with bitter orange peel and cardamom used for flavor.

Dosage: 4 c.c. or 1 fluidram.

Extractum Gentianae.—Extract Of Gentian, U. S. P.

An aqueous extract of gentian evaporated to pilular consistence.

Dosage: 0.25 gm. or 4 grains.