A powder containing 38 per cent, of mercury with clarified honey and prepared chalk.

Properties : By long shaking and trituration of the mercury with the other ingredients it is reduced to so fine a state of subdivision that distinct globules cannot be seen with a lens magnifying 4 diameters. The preparation then forms a light gray, slightly adhesive powder, with little odor, and a slightly sweetish taste.

Action and Uses: This preparation is used in general in the same way as calomel, but it is less irritating to the intestines and in some cases does not move the bowels because of the antagonizing influence of the chalk. It is often used to secure the constitutional effects of mercury in cases of infantile and hereditary syphilis.

Dosage: 0.250 gm. or 4 grains contain approximately 0.1 gm. or 1 grains of metallic mercury.