A saturated solution of calcium hydroxid containing about 0.14 per cent, of Ca(OH)2.

Properties : Lime-water is a clear, colorless liquid without odor, and has an alkaline, bitter taste. Lime-water absorbs carbon dioxid from the air, readily forming the insoluble calcium carbonate, and leaving the solution weaker in consequence. The Pharmacopeia gives a convenient method of assay, and there is no excuse for the pharmacist who dispenses an inferior preparation. The strength of lime-water should be preserved by keeping an excess of lime in the bottom of the container. When the lime-water is to be used the clear supernatant liquid should be decanted.

Incompatibilities: Lime-water is incompatible with acids and with carbonated, or ordinary hard water.

Action and Uses: Lime-water is antacid and astringent and is often used as an addition to milk for both adults and children. The usual proportion is 1 of lime-water to 4 of milk, but a mixture of equal parts may be given. This is administered in small doses to allay nausea and vomiting. It is also used for diarrhea. Lime-water is used externally in the treatment of burns.

Dosage: 15 c.c. or about 4 fluidrams, containing approximately 0.02 gm. or 1/3 grain of calcium hydroxid.