The dried leaves and flowering tops of Mentha piperita.

Oleum Menthae Piperitae.—Oil Of Peppermint, U. S. P.

A volatile oil distilled from the fresh or partly dried leaves and flowering tops of peppermint

Properties : Oil of peppermint occurs as a colorless liquid, with the characteristic peppermint odor and a strongly aromatic, pungent taste, followed by a sensation of cold when air is drawn into the mouth.

Action and Uses: Oil of peppermint is used as an aromatic stimulant and carminative.

Dosage: 0.2 c.c. or 3 minims.

Spiritus Menthae Piperitae.—Spirit Of Peppermint, U. S. P.

One hundred c.c. contain 10 c.c. oil of peppermint in alcohol, colored with the chlorophyl extracted from peppermint.

Action and Uses: See the oil.

Dosage: 2 c.c. or 30 minims.

Aqua Menthae Piperitae.—Peppermint Water, U. S. P.

A saturated solution of oil of peppermint in distilled water.

Action and Uses: Peppermint water is frequently used as a vehicle or flavoring.

Dosage: 16 c.c. or 4 fluidrams.