Volatile or essential oils are liquids derived from plants and may contain or consist of neutral principles, aldehyds, ketones, phenols, esters or compound ethers.

For volatile oils included in this list see:

Oleum Betulae, under Methylis Salicylas.

Oleum Caryophyli, under Caryophyllus.

Oleum Cinnamomi, under Cinnamomum.

Oleum Eucalypti, under Eucalyptus.

Oleum Gaultheriae, under Methylis Salicylas.

Oleum Menthae Piperitae, under Mentha Piperita.

Oleum Rosae, under Rosa.

Oleum Santali, under Santali, Oleum.

Oleum Sinapis Volatile, under Sinapis.

Oleum Terebinthinae, under Terebinthina.