The dried leaflets of Cassia acutifolia (Alexandria senna), or of Cassia angustifolia (Indian or Tinnevelly senna).

Action and Uses: Senna belongs to the anthraquinone-containing group of vegetable purgatives and is considered to be one of the more efficient drugs of this class. It is largely used for the treatment of chronic constipation.

Dosage: 4 gm. or 60 grains, administered either in the form of powder or as an infusion.

Fluidextractum Sennae.—Fluidextract Of Senna, U. S. P.

A hydro-alcoholic extract, 100 c.c. of which represent 100 gm. of senna, previously treated with strong alcohol to remove the resin.

Dosage: 2 c.c. or 30 minims.

Syrupus Sennae.—Syrup Of Senna, U. S. P.

Represents a mixture of fluidextract of senna (25 c.c.) with syrup (sufficient to make 100 c.c).

Dosage: 4 c.c. or 1 fluidram.

See also Pulvis GlycyrrhLzae Compositus, under Glycyrrhiza.