Antitetanic serum is the blood-serum of horses immunized to the toxin of the tetanus bacillus.

Properties : Antitetanic serum is marketed in both liquid or dry forms. Some manufacturers prepare an antitetanic globulin ; this contains a solution of the globulins of the blood, which are soluble in a saturated sodium chlorid solution, together with the antitoxin, and contains the latter in concentrated form. Antitetanic serum must conform to the standard established by the United States Public Health Service.

Action and Uses: It is used both as a prophylactic and as a curative agent in tetanus. The dried product may be used as a dusting-powder in suspicious wounds.

Dosage: Immunizing: 1,500 units; in tetanus; from 3,000 to 20,000 units every four to eight hours. Single large doses by the vein are sometimes more effective.