Sodium arsanilate is the sodium salt of arsanilic acid, prepared by condensing anilin and arsenic acid.

Properties : Sodium arsanilate occurs as white, odorless crystals, having a faint salty taste and being freely soluble in water 1 :6). The aqueous solution, on standing, assumes a yellowish tint.

Action and Uses: Sodium arsanilate has been recommended for the conditions which are favorably influenced by arsenic. The arsenic of the acid is liberated very slowly in the system, producing the therapeutic effects of arsenic with a more continuous and less toxic action. Toxic effects have been frequently noted, however, and the use of all forms of sodium arsanilate has been followed by degeneration of the optic nerve, leading to blindness. This substance has been used extensively in the treatment of trypanosomiasis, but the frequent cases of blindness resulting have caused its use to be almost entirely abandoned.

Dosage: 0.08 gm. or 1/3 grain, gradually increased.