Also known as sodium dimethylarsenate. It is the sodium salt of cacodylic acid (dimethyl arsenic acid).

Properties : Sodium cacodylate occurs as a white powder, very soluble in water. The aqueous solution is alkaline toward litmus paper, but nearly neutral toward Phenolphthalein.

Action and Uses: The action of sodium cacodylate is similar to other arsenic compounds, but it is said to be much less toxic than the ordinary preparations of arsenic and is also less apt to cause undesirable side effects. This superiority is due to the slow liberation of the arsenous acid in the body

The cacodylate has been particularly recommended in obstinate psoriasis, pseudoleukemia, diabetes, anemia, chlorosis, tuberculosis, malarial cachexia, etc.

As it is sometimes decomposed in the stomach, it is preferable to give it hypodermically.

Dosage: 0.03 gm. or grain. It may be administered hypodermically in aqueous solution or given by mouth in elixir or in the form of pills.