The sulphate of an alkaloid obtained from scoparius.

Properties : Spartein sulphate occurs as colorless crystals, or a crystalline powder, odorless, and having a slightly saline and somewhat bitter taste. It is freely soluble in water (1:1) and in alcohol (1 : 2.5).

Action and Uses: Spartein has very little action on the central nervous system and experimentally, at least, has no pronounced action on the heart. It slows and weakens the heart. It is not a substitute for digitalis and apparently is of little use. It is not diuretic, but scoparius possesses this action from the scoparin which it contains.

Dosage: The dosage is variously given. The dose given by the Pharmacopeia is 0.01 gm. or 1/5 grain. Others recommend doses as high as 0.1 gm. or 1 grains. It may be administered in the form of solution, powder or pill.