This is a syrup liquid containing about 5 per cent, by weight of FeI2, and practically identical with the international standard syrup of ferrous iodid.

Properties : Syrup of ferrous iodid occurs as a transparent pale green or yellowish green liquid, having a sweet, strong, ferruginous taste and an acid reaction.

Incompatibilities: The syrup is very susceptible to oxidation, and is incompatible with alkali carbonates, acid salts and vegetable astringents. On exposure to light the cane-sugar of the syrup undergoes gradual inversion.

Action and Uses: Syrup of ferrous iodid has the general properties of both iron and iodin.

Dosage: 1 c.c. or 15 minims, containing approximately 0.008 gm. or 1/8 grain of iron and 0.04 gm. or 5/8 grain of iodin.