A concrete oleoresin obtained from Pinus palustris.

Oleum Terebinthinae.—Oil Of Turpentine, U. S. P.

A volatile oil recently distilled from turpentine.

Properties : Oil of turpentine occurs as a thin colorless liquid, having a characteristic odor and taste, both of which become stronger and less pleasant by age and exposure to air. Oil of turpentine is practically insoluble in water, but freely soluble in alcohol (1:3), and in all proportions of oil. For internal use the rectified oil of turpentine (oleum terebinthinae rectiflcatum) should be used.

Action and Uses: Turpentine is antiseptic, anthelmintic and diuretic. Applied externally it is rubefacient and counterirritant.

Turpentine has been used as an expectorant in cases of bronchitis characterized by free secretion. For this purpose it is now generally replaced by terpin hydrate. It is also given for the relief of flatulence and a small amount (from to 1 teaspoonful) may he added to enemas to increase their effectiveness.

Turpentine has been thought to be efficient in cases of internal hemorrhages, but this opinion is not well founded.

Dosage: 1 c.c. or 15 minims. It may be administered in the form of emulsion or in capsules.