A phenol occurring in the volatile oil of Thymus vulgaris and in some other volatile oils.

Properties : Thymol occurs as large, colorless prisms, having an aromatic, thyme-like odor, and a pungent aromatic taste. It is only very slightly soluble in water (1:1,100), but very soluble in alcohol (1:0.9).

Action and Uses : Thymol is antiseptic and anthelmintic. As an anthelmintic it is used chiefly for the destruction of hookworm.

Dosage: 0.1 gm. or 2 grains.

In the treatment of hookworm disease it should be given in as finely divided state as possible in dosage of from 0.5 to 4 gm. or from 7 to 60 grains. No fats, oils or alcohols should be given at the same time, for fear of absorption of the drug.

The dosage may be regulated according to age as follows: Up to 5 years of age, 0.5 gm.; up to 10, 1 gm.; up to 15, 1.5 gm.; up to 20, 2 gm.; above 20, 3 to 4 gm.