Indian Hemp. Official. Active from an oleoresin cannabinol. It is unstable, and uncertain in action. Hemp has an action allied to that of opium and is analgesic. The drug sometimes gives rise to hallucinatory symptoms; but a lot of poetic nonsense has been written in regard thereto. Death results from cardiac failure.

Cannabis indica is notoriously unreliable and irregular in action. The new U. S. P. requires its physiologic standardization. Most of the indications for a narcotic are better met with opium; but cannabis may be used if for any reason opium is contraindicated. In certain cases, more notably neuralgic ones, cannabis relieves pain more promptly than does opium. Vesical spasm is the one indication where cannabis is almost universally preferable to other drugs. In the earlier stages of gonorrhea the drug is a good agent to produce sedation. Some cases of dysmenorrhea are markedly relieved by cannabis.

Dose: Tr. 5 to 15 minims; fl. 1/4 to 2 minims.