Blue Cohosh, Squaw Root, Caulophyllum thal-ictroides. A substance named leontin is a glucosid representative of the activities of the drug. It is an acrid substance discovered by J. U. Lloyd. It is marketed in 1 per cent solution.

Pilcher (Jour. of Phar. and Ex. Ther., Feb. 1916) stated that, in his experiments on strips of the excised uterus, caulophyllum caused an increase in tone in all cases, with a prompt or often more gradual decrease in the amplitude of excursion. The strips remained in tonic contraction from twenty to sixty minutes in one-third of the experiments.

Rafuesque said of it that "as a powerful emmena-gogue it promotes delivery, menstruation, and dropsical discharges."

This is one of the "uterine remedies" which is not inert. It is a true uterine stimulant to be employed with care in labor if uterine inertia occurs, in relaxed uterus threatening post-partum hemorrhage, and where a uterine tonic is needed. Dose: fl. 1 to 15 minims. Leontin, 10 to 60 minims, rarely over 20. Use with care, but it is less active than ergot.