Wahoo, Euonymus atropurpureus. Official in England and France. Belongs to the digitalis group, but its purgative properties exclude it from use as a cardiac remedy. It is classed as one of the anhy-drid group of purgatives. Euonymin, its most active principle, acts much like digitalis; it is esteemed in Homeopathic practice as a remedy for albuminuria in doses of 1-10 grain or more, the full dose being 2 grains. It is little employed, but the Homeopathic use of it is rational, owing to the combination of diuretic and tonic-purgative properties in the drug.

Euonymus is a mild purgative, somewhat uncertain in action, probably due to its not being absorbed and its action interfered with by the presence of bile. Indeed, the purgatives of the digitalis group are all uncertain. Sufficiently large dosage is apt to induce gastroenteric irritation. Euonymus is, however, in small doses, a tonic laxative with mild cholagogue properties, and it often serves well in combination with other agents, especially mercurials, and in chronic constipation with inactive liver. Give 5- to 10-minim doses fl. for continuous administration. Large doses, as a prompt purgative, are not to be commended.