Thorn Apple, Jamestown Weed, Datura Stramonium. The leaves are almost universally official, the seed in Switzerland. Datura fastuosa leaves are official in Great Britain, Japan, and the Netherlands, the seed in Great Britain. This latter variety is popular in India.

The pharmacology given under "Belladonna" applies to stramonium, as it is a drug of the atropine group. However, stramonium relaxes bronchial muscle more completely than does belladonna and is more toxic upon the heart.


The uses are much the same as of belladonna, q. v.; but belladonna is more regular in action and is less depressing. The principal practical use of stramonium is as a palliative in spasmodic bronchial asthma, where it is of great value, both internally and in the form of fumes from the burning leaves, either in the form of cones or cigarettes. Ten to twenty grains of the dried leaves may be smoked in a pipe.


The fl. is given in an average dose of 1 minim, the extract 1-6 grain, the tr. 8 minims. The 10% ointment is especially applicable in palliating hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and painful ulcers.