Storax, Liquidambar orientalis. Universally official. This balsam, which acts similarly to the other balsams, is seldom used except in combination, such as the compound tincture of benzoin. Storax is used externally as a stimulating antiseptic in ulcer and in parasitic skin diseases, more especially in scabies and pediculosis. Frostbite responds well to it. Equal parts of storax and olive oil are used externally, and the drug is given internally in doses of 15 grains.

Styrax benzoin yields the balsamic resin known as Benzoin, which is also given in 15-grain doses internally. Benzoin is universally official, the Sumatra and Siam benzoin being separately designated in several standards. Benzoinated lard, the tincture (dose, 15 minims), and the compound tincture, Friar's Balsam, given in 30-minim doses, are all popular pharmaceuticals.

The article on "Benzoic Acid" covers benzoin pharmacologically. Do not confuse these two forms of "Styrax," and remember that compound tincture of benzoin contains storax as well as benzoin, tolu and aloes.