Synonym. - Axungia.

Prepared Lard.

The purified fat of the hog, 8ns scrofa, Linn.

Take of

The internal fat of the abdomen of the hog, perfectly fresh . . .

14 pounds.

Remove as much of the membranes as possible, cut the fat into small pieces, put it into a suitable vessel with about 4 gallons of cold water, and, while a current of water is running through the vessel, break up the masses of fat with the hands, exposing every part to the water, so that whatever is soluble may be thus dissolved and carried away. Afterwards collect the washed fat on a sieve or in a cloth, drain away as much as possible of the water, liquefy the fat at a heat not exceeding 212° and strain through flannel, pressing the residue while hot, then put it into a pan heated by steam and keep it at a temperature a little but not much above 212°, stirring it continually, until it becomes clear and entirely free from water; finally strain it through flannel.

Characters and Tests. - A soft white fatty substance, melting at about 100°. Has no rancid odour; dissolves entirely in ether. Distilled water in which it has been boiled, when cooled and filtered, gives no precipitate with Nitrate of Silver, and is not rendered blue by the addition of solution of Iodine.