Contractions. - Amnion. Carb. Am.-c.

Synonym. - Sesquicarbonate of Ammonia.

Presentname. - AmmonicCarbonate. 2 [(H4N)2C03] C02.

Sal-volatile. For. names: Germ.,Fluchtiges Laugensalz, Cohlensaures Ammoniak; French, Ammoniague Carbonate.

A volatile and pungent Ammoniacal Salt, produced by submitting a mixture of Sulphate of Ammonia or Chloride of Ammonium and Carbonate of Lime to sublimation.

Characters and Tests. - In translucent crystalline masses, with a strong ammoniacal odour and alkaline reaction; soluble in cold water, more sparingly in spirit. It volatilizes entirely when heated, and is readily dissolved by acids with effervescence. If diluted Nitric Acid be added to it in slight excess, and the solution be boiled, it will give no precipitate with Chloride of Barium or Nitrate of Silver. 59 grains dissolved in 1 ounce of distilled water will be neutralized by 1,000 grain measures of the volumetric solution of Oxalic Acid.

20 grains of Carbonate of Ammonia.


23 1/2 grains Citric Acid,

25 1/2 grains Tartaric Acid.

Preparation. - A trituration has been recommended, but the great volatility of the substance renders such a preparation unsuitable. It should be dissolved in distilled water (1 in 10, as usual) and the 1 made with dilute alcohol, and afterwards rectified spirit should be used.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Chr. Kr., ii.

Proper forms for dispensing. - lx and 1, Solution only. 3X and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, or Globules.