Class, Arachnida; Order, Araneidea; Family, Epeiridae.

Synonym. - Epeira diadema.

Garden or Papal-Cross Spider. For. names: German, Kreutz Spinne; French, Araignee a'croix papule.

This Spider is found all over Europe and America, in stables, on old walls, etc.

Characters. - Body ovoid, often as large as a small nut; a longitudinal line on the back, composed of yellow and white points, and traversed by 3 other similar lines.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Hale's New Remedies. A short proving is also given in Jahr's Symptomen Codex.

Part employed. - The entire animal.

Preparations. - Tincture, using one live spider to every 100 minims of proof spirit, and macerating for ten or twelve days. Trituration.