Contractions. - Bar-m. Ba-m.

Present name. - Baric Chloride. BaCl2,2H1O.

Chloride,of Barium. For. names: German, Salzsaurer Baryt, Chlor Barium; French, Baryte Muriatee.

Prepared by re-crystallizing the commercial salt.

Characters and Tests. - Flat four-sided tabular crystals, very easily dissolved in water, and then yielding the ordinary tests for Barium and Hydrochloric Acid.

Preparation. - Solution in distilled water up to 1, then use dilute alcohol up to 2, and after that rectified spirit.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Noack and Trinks.

Proper forms for dispensing. - lx to 2, Solution only. 5X and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, or Globules.