Present name. - Bismuth Oxide. Bi2O3.

Sesqui-oxide of Bismuth.

Prepared by boiling Bismuthi Subnitras with solution of Soda.

Characters and Tests. - A dull lemon-yellow powder. Heated to incipient redness, it is not diminished in weight. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in Nitric Acid mixed with half its volume of water; and if it be thus dissolved to saturation, the solution mixed with ten or twenty times its volume of water yields a white precipitate. The Nitric Acid solution gives no precipitate with diluted Sulphuric Acid, nor with solution of Nitrate of Silver dropped into it. Solution of Chloride of Ammonium added to the Nitric Acid solution gives a white precipitate, and if this be treated with excess of solution of Ammonia, then filtered, and the clear filtrate neutralized with Hydrochloric Acid, it will not become turbid.

A notice appears in Allen's Encyclopaedia.

Preparation. - Trituration.