Present name. - Cadmic Sulphate. CdSo4,H1O.

Characters and Tests. - In colourless transparent crystals, with a strong metallic styptic taste. Freely soluble in water, but only slightly so in rectified spirit. The aqueous solution gives a white precipitate with Chloride of Barium; it also yields a yellow precipitate with Sulphuretted Hydrogen or Sulphide of Ammonium, which is insoluble in excess of the latter. The same solution also gives a white gelatinous precipitate with excess of solution of Potash, the filtrate from which is unaffected by Sulphide of Ammonium.

A proving of this is given in Lippe's Text Book of Mat. Med.

Preparation. - Solution in distilled water for lx and 1, dilute alcohol for 3x, and rectified spirit for 2 and upwards.