Present name. - Calcic Hypophosphite. Ca2Ph1o2.

Hypophosphite of Lime.

Prepared by heating Phosphorus with Hydrate of Lime and water until phosphuretted hydrogen gas ceases to be evolved, then filtering the liquid, separating uncombined lime with carbonic acid gas, and evaporating the remaining solution until the salt separates in a crystalline condition.

Characters and Tests. - A white crystalline salt, with a pearly lustre, and a bitter nauseous taste. Insoluble in rectified spirit. Soluble in 6 parts of cold water, and only slightly more soluble in hot water. The crystals do not lose water when heated to 300°. Heated to redness, they ignite, evolving spontaneously inflammable phosphuretted hydrogen, and leaving a reddish-coloured residue amounting to about 80 per cent. of the salt A proving is given in Hale's New Remedies.

Preparation. - Trituration.