Contractions. - Carb-v. Cb-v.

Vegetable Charcoal.

Hahnemann assures us that well-prepared Charcoal acts in the same manner, irrespective of the source from which it is made. He himself used that made from birch wood, while others who assisted him employed the Charcoal of red beech.

Select a piece of Charcoal, brittle, of a fine black colour, and retaining the form of the wood from which it has been prepared, and which, on being ignited, does not emit smoke or any unpleasant smell. That used in blow-pipe operations is most suitable.

Preparation. - Trituration.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Chr. Kr., iii.

Proper forms for dispensing. - 1x to 3, Trituration only. 4, dilute Tincture only. 5 and upwards, Tincture pilules, or Globules.