Class, Insecta; Order, Homoptera; Section, Dimera; Family, Aphidae.

The plant louse from Chenopodium Glaucum.

Nat. ord., Chenopodiaceae.

Oak-leaved Goosefoot.

Characters of the plant. - Sometimes a low, procumbent plant, sometimes more erect, but not so much so as some allied species; branched. Leaves narrow ovate, or oblong, sinuately toothed, but more regularly so than in any other species, green above, nearly white underneath. Clusters of flowers small, mostly in axillary nearly simple spikes. Perianth green or slightly mealy, almost closing over the seed, which is usually erect; horizontal only in a few flowers.

In Jahr's proving in the Symptomen Codex the Aphis which infests this plant is stated to have been used, and not the plant itself; whereas in Jahr's, Gruner's, and Buchner's Pharmacopoeias the plant is directed to be used. While this uncertainty remains the tincture prepared from the plant cannot be used unless on some other authority than that of the proving alluded to.

Part employed. - The live aphis.

Preparation. - Tincture (proof spirit).