Contractions. - Clem. Cle.

Clematis erecta. Nat. ord., Ranunculaceae.

Synonym. - Flammula jovis.

Fig. - Flora Horn., pl. 21.

Upright Virgin's Bower. For. names: German, Brennende Waldrebe; French, Glematite deorte; Italian, Clematite; Spanish, Clematide.

Habitat. - South of France, Spain, Switzerland, etc.

Flowering time. - July and August.

Parts employed. - Leaves and stems.

Characters. - Stem 3 feet high, leafy, striated, herbaceous, greenish or reddish. Leaves large, opposite; leaflets 5 to 9 pubescent underneath, petioled. Flowers white, in upright stiff terminal umbels. Peduncles several times ternate. Seeds dark brown, smooth, orbicular, much compressed; tails long, yellowish, plumose.

Time for collecting. - When beginning to flower.

Preparation. - Tincture, using proof spirit.

Reference to Hom. Proving. - Chr. Kr., iii.

Proper forms for dispensing. - φ and lx, Tincture only. 1 and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, or Globules.