Contractions. - Cocc. Coc.

Anamirta Cocculus. Nat. ord., Menispeemaceae.

Synonyms. - Cocculus Indicus, Menispermum Cocculus.

Fig. - Flora Horn., pl. 22.

Cocculus Indicus. For. names: German, Kokkels Korner, Fisch Korner; French, Cogue du Levant.

Habitat. - Coast of Malabar and the Indian Archipelago.

Parts employed. - The berries.

Characters. - Inodorous, roundish, from a light to a dark greyish-brown, size of a large pea, wrinkled, resembling the bay berry. The bitter, yellowish kernel does not entirely fill the cavity in the berry, by which character it may be distinguished from bay berries.

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Preparation. - Tincture, using rectified spirit.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - R. A. M. L., i.

Proper forms for dispensing. - φ and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, or Globules.