Contractions. - Crot. Ctn.

Croton Tiglium. Nat. ord., Euphorbiaceae.

Fig. - Nees von E., 138.

Croton Tree.

Habitat. - Hindostan, Ceylon, the Molucca Isles, and other parts of Asia.

Parts employed. - The seeds.

Characters. - Seeds, ovato-oblong, somewhat angular, containing within a pale brown skin, a smooth, thin, dull green shell, and a white inodorous kernel, which on chewing is at first mild and oleaginous, but soon becomes acrid and burning.

Preparation. - Tincture, 1 in 20, using absolute alcohol.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Arch., xix. Hyg., xiii.

Proper forms for dispensing. - φ and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, or Globules.