Contractions. - Ferr-mur. F-mu.

Present name. - Ferric Chloride. Fe2Cl6.

Perchloride of Iron.

This is one of the best preparations of Iron, and maybe prepared as follows: -

Take of

Iron Wire ....

2 ounces;

Hydrochloric Acid.. . .

12 fluid ounces;

Nitric Acid. . . .

9 fluid drachms;

Distilled Water . . .

8 fluid ounces.

Mix 8 fluid ounces of the Hydrochloric Acid with the distilled water, and in this dissolve the Iron at a gentle heat Filter the solution, add to it the remainder of the Hydrochloric Acid and the Nitric Acid; heat the mixture briskly until, on the sudden evolution of red fumes, the liquid becomes of an orange-brown colour, then evaporate by the heat of a water-bath until it is reduced to 10 fluid ounces.

Characters and Tests. - An orange-brown solution, with a strong styptic taste, miscible with water and rectified spirit in all proportions. Diluted with water, it is precipitated white by Nitrate of Silver, and blue by yellow Prussiate of Potash, but not at all by red Prussiate of Potash. Specific gravity 1.44. A fluid drachm of it diluted with 2 fluid ounces of water gives, upon the addition of an excess of solution of Ammonia, a reddish-brown precipitate, which, when well washed and incinerated, weighs 15.62 grains.

Preparation. - As 1 fluid drachm of the above preparation contains 31.24 grains of the anhydrous salt, 2 1/2 fluid drachms diluted to 13 fluid drachms with rectified spirit will form the lx attenuation. Rectified spirit is used for all attenuations above this.

Proper forms for dispensing. - lx and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, and Globules.