These vary according to the uses to which they are to be applied.

1. Vaginal Injections.

A very convenient general formula for these is the following, recommended by Dr. Ludlam: -

Take of

The Medicine ....

1/2 fluid ounce;

Glycerine .....

1 1/2 fluid ounce;

Distilled Water ....

2 fluid ounces.


One teaspoonful of this with sufficient tepid water is used for each injection.

2. Urethral Injections.

With the exception of Infusion of Hydrastis (1 ounce to the pint), these have mostly consisted of solutions of various salts in distilled water of much the same strength as those used by the old school.

3. Rectal Injections.

When it is thought desirable to apply any medicine to the rectum, it is convenient to mix the quantity intended to be administered with about 2 fluid ounces of thin starch or arrowroot, and to inject it slowly, so that it may be retained.