Synonym. - Kali Ferrocyanuretum.

Present name. - Potassic Ferrocyanide. K4FeC6N6,3H1O.

This is the well-known yellow Prussiate of Potash, and may be obtained from the operative chemists.

characters and Tests. - In large yellow crystals, permanent in the air, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. The aqueous solution precipitates deep blue with Persulphate of Iron, brick-red with Sulphate of Copper, and white with Acetate of Lead. Heated with diluted Sulphuric Acid, Hydrocyanic Acid vapours are evolved.

A short notice of this is given in Brit. Journ. of Horn., vol. xi. It has been lately recommended for uterine diseases. See also Hale's New Remedies.

Preparations. - Trituration. Solution in distilled water.