Contractions. - Lith. Lth.

Present name. - Lithic Carbonate. L2Co3.

Carbonate of Lithia.

This may be obtained from the operative chemists.

Characters and Tests. - In white powder or in minute crystalline grains, alkaline in reaction, soluble in 100 parts of cold water, insoluble in alcohol. It dissolves with effervescence in Hydrochloric Acid; and the solution evaporated to dryness leaves a residue of Chloride of Lithium, which communicates a red colour to the flame of a spirit lamp, and, re-dissolved in water, yields a precipitate with Phosphate of Soda. 10 grains of the salt neutralized with Sulphuric Acid and afterwards heated to redness, leave 14.86 grains of dry Sulphate of Lithia, which, when re-dissolved in distilled water, yields no precipitate with Oxalate of Ammonia or solution of Lime.

Preparation. - Trituration.

N.B. - A saturated solution in distilled water is suggested to form the 1 attenuation.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Lippe's Materia Medica.

Proper forms for dispensing. - lx to 3, Trituration only. 4, dilute Tincture only. 5 and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, or Globules.