Synonym. - Hydrargyrum Ammoniatum.

Present name. - Mercuric-Ammonic Chloride. Hg"H1NCl.

White Precipitate.

This is prepared as follows: -

Take of

Perchloride of Mercury . . .

3 ounces;

Solution of Ammonia . . .

4 fluid ounces;

Distilled Water ....

3 pints.

Dissolve the Perchloride of Mercury in the water with the aid of a moderate heat; mix the solution with the Ammonia, constantly stirring; collect the precipitate on a filter, and wash it well with cold distilled water, then dry the product at a temperature not exceeding 212°.

Characters and Tests. - An opaque white powder, on which cold water, alcohol, and ether have no action. Digested with Caustic Potash, it evolves Ammonia, acquiring a pale yellow colour, and the fluid, filtered and acidulated with Nitric Acid, gives a white precipitate with Nitrate of Silver. Boiled with a solution of Chloride of Tin, it becomes grey, and affords globules of Metallic Mercury. Entirely volatilized at a heat under redness.

Preparation. - Trituration.