Present name. - Sodic Iodide. NaI.

May be obtained from the operative chemists.

Characters and Tests. - In colourless, generally opaque, cubic crystals, readily soluble in water, and in a less degree in spirit. Its solution mixed with mucilage of Starch gives a blue colour on the addition of a minute quantity of solution of Chlorine. It imparts a yellow colour to flame. The addition of Tartaric Acid and mucilage of Starch to its watery solution does not develop a blue colour. Solution of Nitrate of Silver added in excess forms a yellowish-white precipitate, which, when agitated with Ammonia, yields by subsidence a clear liquid in which excess of Nitric Acid causes no turbidity. Its aqueous solution is only faintly precipitated by the addition of saccha-rated solution of Lime.

This has been stated to have an elective affinity for the periosteum of the jaws.

Preparations. - Solution in dilute alcohol. Trituration.