Present name. - Sodic Hydrate. NaHO.

The Liquor Sodoe of the British Pharmacopoeia, which contains 18.8 grains in each fluid ounce.

Tests. - Specific gravity 1.047. 458 grains by weight (1 fluid ounce) require for neutralization 470 grain measures of the volumetric solution of Oxalic Acid, corresponding to 4.1 per cent. by weight of Hydrate of Soda, NaHO. It does not effervesce when added to an excess of diluted Hydrochloric Acid. Mixed with an equal volume of distilled water, it gives no precipitate with solution of Lime or Oxalate of Ammonia. When it is treated with an excess of diluted Nitric Acid, and evaporated to dryness, the residue forms with water a clear solution which is only slightly precipitated by Chloride of Barium or by Nitrate of Silver, and not at all by Ammonia. 1 fluid ounce contains 18.8 grains of Hydrate of Soda.

Preparation. - 1 fluid drachm mixed with 3 fluid drachms of distilled water will form the 1 attenuation, from which the others can be prepared with spirit.