Nat. ord., Umbelliferae.

Hemlock Water Dropwort.

Characters. - A stout, branched species, attaining 3 to 5 feet, the root-fibres forming thick, elongated tubers close to the stock; the juice both of the stem and roots becoming yellow when exposed to the air. Leaves twice or thrice pinnate, the segments always above half an inch long, broadly cuneate or rounded, and deeply cut into 3 or 5 lobes. Umbels on long terminal peduncles, with 15 to 20 rays, 2 inches long or more; the bracts of the involucres small and linear, several in the partial ones, few or none under the general umbel. The pedicellate flowers at the circumference of the partial umbels are mostly, but not always, barren, the central fertile ones almost sessile. Fruit somewhat corky, the ribs broad and scarcely prominent.

This is admitted into the Pharmacopoeias, and there is a notice of it in Arch., xiv.

Part employed. - The root.

Preparation. - Tincture (proof spirit).