Contractions. - Podoph. Pdn. Resin of Podophyllum. Take of

Podophyllum Root, in coarse powder . . .

1 pound;

Rectified Spirit . .

3 pints, or a sufficiency;

Distilled Water . . .

A sufficiency;

Hydrochloric Acid . .

A sufficiency.

Exhaust the Podophyllum with the spirit by percolation; place the tincture in a still, and draw off the greater part of the spirit. Acidulate the water with one twenty-fourth of its bulk of Hydrochloric Acid, and slowly pour the liquid which remains after the distillation of the tincture into three times its volume of the acidulated water, constantly stirring. Allow the mixture to stand for twenty-four hours to deposit the resin; wash the resin on a filter with distilled water, and dry it in a stove.

Characters. - A pale greenish-brown amorphous powder, soluble in rectified spirit and in Ammonia; precipitated from the former solution by water, from the latter by acids. Almost entirely soluble in pure ether.

Preparation. -Trituration.