Contraction. - Tam.

Tamus communis. Nat. ord., Dioscoreaceae.

Fig. - Eng. Bot., t. 91.

Black Bryony.

Habitat. - Hedges and open woods and bushy places in West Central and Southern Europe, extending to the Caucasus. Common in England,

Flowering time. - Spring and early summer.

Part employed. - The fresh root-stock.

Characters. - An elegant climber, extending a considerable distance over hedges and bushes; easily known by its bright shining heart-shaped leaves, with a tapering point, sometimes almost 3-lobed, but otherwise entire. Flowers small, of a yellowish-green. Berries scarlet, often very numerous. Root-stock large and fleshy, having a greasy appearance internally, and of a light colour; externally of a dark brown, giving out numerous fibres.

Preparation. - Tincture, corresponding in alcoholic strength with proof spirit.

Average loss of moisture, 76 per cent.

This has not been proved, and hitherto has only been used as an outward application.