Nat. ord., Ternstroemiaceae.

Synonyms. - T. Viridis, T. Caesarea.

Green Tea.

Characters. - An evergreen shrub, from 4 to 8 feet high. The leaves are from 2 to 3 inches long, and from half an inch to an inch broad, elliptical-oblong or lanceolate, pointed, serrate, except at base, smooth on both sides, green and shining; one rib with many transverse veins.

A proving of this is given by Noack and Trinks.

Parts employed. - The leaves.

Preparation. - Tincture (proof spirit).

T1Lia Europaea.

Nat. ord., Tiliaceae.

The Lime Tree.

Characters. - A handsome tree, sometimes 120 feet in height, but generally not above half that size. Leaves stalked, broadly heart-shaped or nearly orbicular, often oblique, and always pointed, serrate on the edge, glabrous above and more or less downy underneath, especially in the angles of the principal veins. Peduncles hanging amongst the leaves, bordered or winged half-way up by the long, narrow, leaf-like bract. Flowers sweet-scented, of a pale whitish-green. Nut downy when young.

A proving of this is recorded in (Est. Zeitsch. fur Horn., iv.

Parts employed. - The flowers.

Preparation. - Tincture.