Nat. ord., Leguminosae.

Synonyms. - Baryosma Tongo, Coumarouma odorata, Dip-terix odorata.

Tongo or Tonqnin Bean.

Characters. - Bean from an inch to an inch and a-half long, from 2 to 4 lines broad, usually somewhat compressed, with a dark brown, wrinkled, shining, thin and brittle skin, and a light brown oily kernel, having a strong, agreeable, aromatic odour, and a bitterish, aromatic taste.

A proving of this is given by Noack and Trinks.

Part employed. - The bean.

Preparation. - Tincture.

TRlLLlUm Pendulum.

Nat. ord., Trilliaceae.

Beth-root, Ground Lily.

An account of this is given by Hale in his New Remedies, and there is a proving in the American Transactions.

Part employed. - The root.

Preparation, - Tincture.