Ointments may be prepared in various ways, viz.: -

1. With Prepared Lard alone; this has the disadvantage of soon becoming rancid.

Unguentum Cetacei. 2. With Spermaceti Ointment, prepared as follows:-Take of

Spermaceti. . . .

5 ounces;

White Wax. . . .

2 ounces;

Almond Oil ... . . .

1 pint, or a sufficiency.

Melt together with a gentle heat, remove the mixture, and stir constantly while it cools.

Ceratum Simplex.

3. Should a firm ointment or Cerate be required, the following proportions are preferable:-

Take of

Spermaceti ....

3 ounces;

White Wax ....

6 ounces;

Olive Oil ....

14 fluid ounces.

Melt the spermaceti and wax in a water-bath, stir in the oil, and when cool, but not set, gradually add the medicating tincture and stir briskly till cold.

Unguentum Simplex.

4. A Simple Ointment may be prepared in the following manner: -

Take of

White Wax ....

2 ounces;

Prepared Lard . . . .

3 ounces;

Almond Oil ....

3 fluid ounces.

Melt the wax and lard in the oil on a water-bath; then remove the mixture, and stir constantly while it cools.

Glycerinum Amyli.

5. A fifth and very suitable form of ointment has for its basis Glycerine of Starch, prepared as follows: -

Take of

Starch .....

1 ounce;

Glycerine ....

8 fluid ounces.

Rub them together until they are intimately mixed, then transfer the mixture to a porcelain dish, and apply a heat gradually raised to 240°, stirring it constantly until the starch particles are completely broken and a translucent jelly is formed.

In the great majority of instances the proportion of 1 in 10 will be found satisfactory in medicating all these ointments, say 44 minims in the ounce, or, if it is desired to be very accurate, 1 drachm of the medicine to 9 drachms of the ointment.