Nat. ord,, Apocynaceae.

Lesser Periwinkle, Wintergreen.

Characters. - A perennial, with a creeping root-stock, long trailing barren shoots, with short, erect flowering stems, about 6 inches high. Leaves narrow-ovate or oblong, evergreen, shining, and perfectly glabrous, opposite and entire. Pedicels shorter than the leaves. Corolla small, blue, the tube broad, almost bell-shaped, with a flat spreading limb, with 5 broad, oblique segments, twisted in the bud; stamens, 5, enclosed in the tube. It differs from Vinca Major in its smaller size, more trailing habit, narrower leaves, which are perfectly glabrous, and shorter and broader segments to the calyx, without any hairs on their edges.

A short proving of this is given in Arch., xvii.

Part employed. - The fresh plant.

Preparation. - Tincture.

vipera redi. Italian Viper.

vipera torva. German Viper.

Class, Reptilia; Section, Squamata; Order, Ophidia; Sub-order, Viperinae; Family, Viperidae.

Short provings of the virus of both of these reptiles are given in Jahr's Symptomen Codex. See also Hering's Treatise on the poison of serpents.

Preparation. - Solution in Glycerine as directed for Crotalus.