Synonyms. - Curare, Woorara, Urali, Ourary.

The arrow poison used by the savage tribes of South America.

Its composition is unknown, but is evidently very complex. It is generally supposed to contain some animal poison (probably snake poison) in addition to various vegetable poisons, especially those of the Strychnos tribe (Loganiaceoe) or the Euphorbiaceae.

Characters. - It has a resinous appearance and blackish-brown colour, somewhat resembling liquorice root. It is imported in little clay pots, or calabashes. It is almost entirely soluble in water and alcohol, forming a beautiful red solution with an intensely bitter taste. The insoluble part is not active.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Numerous physiological experiments have demonstrated its pathogenetic action; these have been carefully collected by Dr. Carfrae, and published in vol. iv. of the Annals of B. H. S., and there is a proving in the Hahne-mannian Monthly, v.

Preparation. - Solution in proof spirit.