Diuretic and sudorific. Used, hut rarely, in rheumatism and skin diseases.

Burgundy Pitch

Similar to resin in its properties. It is chiefly used outwardly, in charges, etc.

Butter of Antimony

Chloride, or Perchloride of Antimony. See Antimony, Butter of.

Cabbage Tree Bark

Vermifuge. Dose, for a horse, 2 to 4 dr. But rarely used.

Calamine, or Lapis Calaminaris

Native Carbonate of Zinc. Slightly astringent, drying and healing. Sprinkled on excoriations and sores; and used in ointments, lotions, eye waters, etc. The greater part of what is sold is factitious, and only calculated to do harm.

Calamus Aromaticus

Sweet flag. A warm stomachic. Dose, from 1 oz. to 2 or 3 oz. in infusion.


Tonic. Dose of the powdered root, from 2 to 4 dr.


Camphor is reputed antispasmodic, narcotic and diuretic. It assists the action of diaphoretics; is frequently added to fever medicines to allay irritation; and is used as an antiseptic in malignant epidemics, etc. Mr. Spooner combines it with opium in cases of lock-jaw. Dose, 1 or 2 dr. Moiroud says 2 to 12 dr.? Its use is questionable where active inflammation exists. Externally it is used as a discutient and anodyne, in embrocations, eye-waters, etc. Its vapours are thought to act favorably on old coughs.

Canella Bark

A warm tonic. Dose, for horses, 2 to 4 dr.; for cattle, 2 to 6 dr.


Stimulant and diuretic. Mr. Vines says, "Of all medicines given for farcy and glanders none equal cautharides;" but they should not be given too early, nor without due caution. [Mr. Blaine.] Dose, in debility, 3 to 5 gr.; in dropsy, farcy, and glanders, 5 to 8 gr. daily, gradually increasing the dose to 15 grs.; suspending their use for a time when their diuretic effect is manifest. Of the tincture, 2 to 3 dr. in incontinence of urine; and from 1/2 oz. to 2 oz. in red water. The practice of giving cantharides as a venereal stimulant is reprobated by the best authorities. Externally it is used in blistering and stimulating ointments and liniments. It does not permanently blemish, but this effect is often produced by other ingredients combined with it in blistering ointments.


Cayenne pepper. A hot stimulant. From 10 to 20 grs. may be given in weakness of the stomach, and from 20 to 60 grs. in flatulent colic, or in severe colds. It is also used externally as a stimulant.

Carbolic Acid

Internally, in excessive doses, it is an irritant poison. Occasionally it is administered in medicinal doses for worms; also given to dogs to stop vomiting. Externally. - Caustic, disinfectant, astringent, and styptic. Used in canker and thrush in the foot of the horse, and for foot-rot in sheep. Said to render inert the virus of cholera, cattle plague, and other contagious diseases. For horses, of the fluid acid 20 to 80 minims; cattle, the same; sheep, 5 to 15 minims; pig, 5 to 15 minims; dog, 1 to 5 minims, dissolved in dilute spirit of wine, or made into a bolus with linseed meal or common mass. When used externally as a caustic, it is applied undiluted; for other purposes it may be used in the form of lotion, liniment, or ointment.