Drinks, properly speaking, are liquids which the horse will take willingly; Drenches are those liquid medicines which must he administered by a horn, bottle or funnel. This distinction is not always observed.

Mild Drinks

Demulcent, pectoral, cooling, and diuretic.

Barley Water. Barley 1Mild Drinks 49water 2 gallons; boil to 6 quarts, strain, and add 1 ft of honey. If common barley is used, it should be first boiled with a little water, and this thrown away. If pearl barley is used, this will be less necessary. In inflammatory and catarrhal complaints.

Oatmeal Gruel. 1. Mix gradually 4 oz. of sweet oatmeal with as much cold water as will form a smooth mixture. Put 2 quarts of water in a saucepan over a clear fire, and before it gets very hot, add the mixture of oatmeal and water; stir the whole till it boils, and let it simmer a little while. Take care not to smoke it.

2. Mix half a pint of oatmeal with the same measure of water; triturate them in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle, for some time; then add 1 gallon of boiling water, and boil for a few minutes. - B. Clark.

Blanche Water. Wet 3 or 4 handfuls of bran with scalding water, and work it with the hands till it becomes clammy; then add as much more water as may be desired. A mixture of oatmeal and cold water is also called white water, and in France, potato or other starch is used for the same purpose.

Linseed Tea. 1. Infuse 4 oz. of linseed in 3 pints of boiling water for several hours near the fire, stirring occasionally; then strain off, and add 4 oz. of honey; for 2 doses; in coughs, etc.