Orfila's Hair Dye. Take 3 parts of litharge and 2 of quicklime, both in an impalpable powder, and mix them carefully. When used, a portion of the powder is mixed with hot water or milk, and applied to the hair, the part being afterwards enveloped in oil-skin or a cabbage-leaf for 4 or 5 hours.

2. Litharge 2 parts, slaked lime 1 part, chalk 2 pails, all finely powdered, and accurately mixed. When required for use, mix the powder with warm water, and dip a brush into the mixture, and rub the hair well with it. After 2 hours, let the hair be washed.

3. Litharge 4 1/2 oz., quicklime 2/4 oz.; reduce to an impalpable powder, and pass it through a sieve. Keep it in a dry, close bottle. Wash the hair first with soap and water, then with tepid water; wipe it dry, and comb with a clean comb. Mix the dye in a saucer with hot water to the consistence of cream, and apply it to the hair, beginning at the roots. Place over it four folds of brown paper, saturated with hot water, and drained till cool; and over this an oilskin cap and a nightcap. Let it remain from 4 to 8 hours, according to the shade required. When removed, oil the hair, but do not wet it for 3 or 4 days.

4. Chevailier's. Mix 5 drs. of freshly slaked lime with 1 1/2 oz. of water, and strain through silk; put the milk of lime into a 4-oz. bottle. Dissolve 5 grs. of acetate of lead in sufficient water, and add enough slaked lime to saturate the acetic acid (a drachm or rather more), let it settle, pour off the supernatant liquor, wash the precipitate with water, and add it to the milk of lime.

5. Chesnut Hair Dye. We have met with the following, but do not guarantee it: Permanganate of potash gives the hair a beautiful chesnut-brown colour, varying according to the strength of the solution of the salt. A good formula is: Permanganate of potass 1 dr., powdered gum arabic 2 drs., rose-water 3 oz.; mix. Apply carefully with a tooth brush, so as to avoid staining the skin. ('Chemist and Druggist.')

6. Hair Restorer. Sulphur 45 grs.; acetate of lead 20 grs.; glycerine 1/2 oz., water to 10 oz.; mix.

7. Golden Hair Dye. Aureoline. A solution of peroxide of hydrogen in water, containing from 3 to 6 per cent., by weight, of the peroxide.

8. Dark Brown Hair Dye. a. Pyrogallic acid 4 grs., distilled water 2 oz.; mix.

b. Crystallized nitrate of silver 1 dr., gum arabic 1 dr., distilled water, 2 oz.; mix.

c. Nitrate of silver 192 grs., distilled water 8 oz. Dissolve and add gradually sufficient of the strongest solution of ammonia to precipitate the silver. Then afterwards just as much as is necessary to redissolve the precipitate. See further on.

9. Dr. Hanmann's. Levigated litharge 11 oz., powdered quick lime 75 oz., hair powder 37 oz.; mix. When used, a portion of the powder is mixed with warm water in a saucer, and applied to the hair with the fingers, taking care to cover the hair to the roots. Cover the whole with a sheet of cotton wadding moistened with water, and this with a folded cloth. Let it remain on for 3 hours; or better, for the night.

10. Warren's. Sifted lime 16 oz., white lead 2 oz., litharge in fine powder 1 oz.; mix well together, and keep dry. To dye black, mix a little powder with water to the consistence of cream. To dry brown, use milk instead of water. Apply with a small sponge.

Essence of Tyre. Grecian Water. Eat; d'Egypt, Eau de Chine. These are solutions of nitrate of silver; in applying them, it must be remembered that they stain the skin as well as the hair. Hence there is more difficulty in applying than with the preceding; but they are considered to impart a finer colour to the hair, with the disadvantage, however, of rendering it dry and crisp. The following are some of the most approved formulae:

1. Dr. Cattell's. Nitrate of silver 11 drs., nitric acid 1 dr., distilled water 1 pint, sap green 3 drs., gum Arabic 1 dr.; mix.

2. Nitric acid 1 dr., nitrate of silver 10 drs., sap green 9 drs., mucilage 5 drs., distilled water 37 1/2 fluid oz.,

3. Silver 2 drs., iron filings 4 drs., nitric acid 1 oz., distilled water 8 oz. Digest, and decant the clear solution. To be carefully applied with a close brush.

4. Hydrosulphate of ammonia 1 oz., solution of potash 3 drs., distilled water 1 oz.; mix. Apply this with a toothbrush for 16 or 20 minutes, then brush the hair over with the following: Nitrate of silver 1 dr., distilled water 2 oz., using a clean comb to separate the hair.

Mercurial Black Dye. A weak solution of perchloride of mercury, used for some days, followed by a wash containing hyposulphite of soda.

Brown Hair Dye. Acetate of lead 2 drs., hyposulphite of soda 1 dr., rose water 14 oz., glycerine 2 oz. Dissolve the acetate of lead and hyposulphite in separate portions of the rose water; filter separately, mix the solutions and add the glycerine. See back.

Pyrogallic Stain. Distil coarsely powdered nutgalls in a retort, dissolve the solid acid which sublimes in a little hot water, add the solution to the acid liquid which passes over, separate the floating oil, shake the liquid with charcoal, filter, and add a little spirit.

Tincture of Walnut. A strong tincture of the shells of green walnuts, scented.

La Forest's Cosmetic Wash for the Hair. Bed wine 1 lb., salt 1 dr., sulphate of iron 2 drs. Boil for a few minutes, and add common verdigris 1 dr.; leave it on the fire for 2 minutes, withdraw it, and add 2 drs. of powdered nutgall. Bub the hair with the liquid; in a few minutes dry it with a warm cloth, and afterwards wash with water.

Pomatums, or Cosmetiques, in sticks, for the hair.

Black Pomatum, in sticks, for the eyebroivs, whiskers, etc. Prepared lard melted with a third of its weight of wax in winter, or half in summer, is coloured with levigated ivory black, and strained through tammy, or any material which will permit the fine particles of ivory black to pass through. Stir it constantly, and when it begins to thicken pour it into paper moulds.

Brown and Chestnut Pomatums are prepared in the same way, but coloured with umber, etc. White, as Hard Pomatum.

Ebony Pomatum, in pots. Melt 4 oz. of white wax with

12 oz. of any kind of pomatum, and add 2 oz. of levigated ivory-black. Proceed as above, and pour into pots. Pommade de Jeunesse. Pomatum mixed with magistery of bismuth. It is said to turn the hair black. - Gray.